November 26, 2013

Happy Turkey Day … And All That Stuff(ing)

By Paul Bieber

Last week I wrote a column on Rob Ford, the mayor of Toronto and then went into a conversation on drug testing, promising more on drug testing today.  But plans can change.  I received a very interesting comment disagreeing with my point of view.  Go into last week’s blog and scroll down to read this comment.  So, we will get into the reasonable cause for drug testing next week, but let’s continue talking about Rob Ford and why I wouldn’t want him working for me.

What impact is he having on my other employees?  He brags about his extreme drinking and using crack only because he was so drunk he didn’t know what he was doing.  Then I keep him on the job.  Some, or even many others, will take this as my saying this is okay behavior.  And then, one comes to work too hung over to work safely and drops a lite of glass, hurting another employee.  Or drives our truck into an oncoming car. 

And then the media show.  I don’t want cameras in my show room asking why I let a known heavy drinker work in the dangerous industry of glass installation.  I don’t want my good name connected with a known drunk and crack user.  I don’t want my insurance cancelled because of an accident that is waiting to happen.  And I definitely don’t want my customers saying they won’t buy from me because I may send Rob Ford to their house to do a mirror install.

Back to Mr. Ford.  I don’t know him.  I am not in Toronto.  But I have seen the news coverage and read the editorials, some pro and some con.  What a wonderful country we live in that we can have public discourse on on elected official, even if he is in a neighboring country.  We have fought for these freedoms in many lands and eras.  Many have died for our beliefs of freedom.  Freedom is what we give thanks for on Thanksgiving.  I offer best wishes for all readers and your families on this most important holiday.