November 5, 2013

How to Break the Law in Seven Easy Lessons

By Paul Bieber

It sure is easy. Just follow this list of simple dos on and don’ts. Do you get a prize if you manage to break one of these simple laws?  Probably, but it is not the prize you wished for. Be careful …

  1. Do keep accurate records of all hours worked by employees who are paid hourly. Or to put it another way, don’t pay off-the-books.
  2. Do provide all employees a written notice of their wage rates, pay periods, pay days and other terms of their employment. Most states have this requirement or a variation on it. This one is simple. Just do it.
  3. A sure-fire winner … employ people without proper documentation to work in the U.S. You know who is legit and you can spot a phony ID across the table. Don’t give in.
  4. Be sure to pay for all hours worked. Don’t try to hide the overtime and give an employee a day off next month. This one will trap you for sure. Overtime has to be paid or equivalent time-off granted within the same pay period, not a month from now.
  5. Employ a young worker without the proper work permit from the school or the state. Young workers can’t work past certain times nor can they do certain tasks, like handling hazardous materials.
  6. You decided to drop your worker’s comp insurance because it became too expensive? I can understand that. Can you understand that you broke the law? Save money on something else.
  7. You don’t believe that you have to fill out OSHA safety logs? You might not like the paperwork, but it is easier to fill out the logs than write the check to your attorney.

See how easy it is. This blog has been brought to you by The Committee to Make It Fun to Go to Court.