January 7, 2014

2013 … That’s Yesterday’s News

By Paul Bieber

You can only see 2013 by looking in the rear-view mirror.  And you can’t go forward while you are looking backward.  Forget about the jobs you lost and the customer who told you to jump in the lake and forget about the money you spent on the computer that you dropped in a puddle on the second day you owned it.

Remember the problems only as learning lessons and now implement the changes to prevent those same problems from occurring.  Wishing they don’t happen again doesn’t cut it. 

Now, what is your main goal for 2014?  More sales?  New products brought in?  Expansion?  Contraction?  Training your second-in-command to be more professional?  You have to have a goal or goals for 2014 before you start implementing changes and improvements.  Grab a pad of paper and write down every goal you want to accomplish for your company.  Don’t hold back.  Keep this pad with you for a full day.  You might have 30 goals written down.  On the second day begin to whittle these down.  Rank the goals with a one, two or three, with one being extremely important and three not so.  Next, look at this original list of goals and rank them, again as one, two or three, with one being easy and capable of being done, and three being very hard or expensive to do.

Every goal that has a pair of ones, get started on tomorrow. A one and two, or a two and a one should follow quickly; start planning them and introduce them throughout the next couple of months.  A pair of deuces may or may not get done and a goal with a three on it should not be started until all the ones are finished.

All the grousing will not solve last year’s problems.  Start fresh in 2014 with goal setting, and then implementing, and you will build many small successes that become big successes for your glass company.  Need help in defining your goals?  Give me a call at 603/242-3521 for a free consultation, courtesy of USGlass magazine.