June 17, 2014

A Quick, Easy and Foolproof Way To Turn Away Customers

By Paul Bieber

So, a couple of weeks ago our son, Philip, said to Elaine and me, “Let’s meet in Cooperstown for Father’s Day Weekend.” Well, it took me about one-third of a nano-second to see the sheer brilliance and logic of his idea. It was one of the best weekends Elaine and I have ever spent with Philip. He is on his way to moving to Portland, Oregon, and we won’t be seeing him as often in the future. So what does the title of this blog have to do with our meeting Cal Ripken at the Hall?

You see, we drove to the Hall in Cooperstown, NY. And on the way, we happened to drive by a glass shop, which had this sign outside their store: VOTE REPUBLICAN. Big letters, red, white and blue. It caught my eye. Our country is fairly well split between Democrats and Republicans. There are a lot of Independents, but come election day, they mostly become a Democrat or a Republican, at least for one minute. And this sign, in front of a glass shop, would make any Democrat go to the other shop in town. And the same would be true if the sign said: VOTE DEMOCRATIC.

The same is true if you live in New York City and have a big Yankees sign in your window… the Mets fans will go to another shop. Another example would be if you were to place your religion in a more important place in your shop than you do selling glass or windows. You are in business to sell your products and services. And there will be many customers who won’t walk in your door if you promote one political party or religion over another.

You should have an opinion on politics, and you should be able to practice your choice of religion in the way you wish to.  But doing that at your glass shop will have an impact on your business. Yes, certain people will come to your shop because they agree with your position. Will that offset the amount you lose? Wouldn’t you rather have everyone come to your shop and make their purchasing decision based on the quality of your work?

Many shops I have been in do have some sort of religious icon, but it is subtle and not the focus of the shop. I have also seen companies that make religion the entire focus of their business, but those are few and far between.

Bottom line—it will affect your bottom line if you promote something other than glass in your glass business!