September 30, 2014

Business Is Not So Important After All

By Paul Bieber

I worked for CRL for nine years, and my average week was 60-plus hours. When I joined Floral Glass, my hours actually increased for the first five years but then began to taper off as I had a great team, I was getting a little slower, and my kids discovered Little League.

When we sold Floral, I retired to spend more time with Elaine, my kids and our family. Why am I saying this today?

We lost Elaine’s mom on Saturday. She was 93 and lived a good life with a peaceful ending. I’d like to go like that.

Now for the reason to write this…I urge you to spend as much time with your family as you can. That one extra thing you want to do in the shop is less valuable than helping your kid with his homework. Seeing your daughter in the school play is better than slogging through mud at a jobsite. Take the time to smell the roses. You may not get the same deal Elaine’s mom did.