February 17, 2015

How To Solve Two Problems With One Plan

By Paul Bieber

Two-for-one. Kind of like, if you give me your two small dimes, I’ll give you a bigger nickel. Or maybe, going to a double-header on a Sunday afternoon and having a hot dog during each game. Or the most special two-for-one: a chocolate ice cream sundae with chocolate hot fudge. But now, let us turn to our glass businesses.

We are hearing a lot about business picking up and a shortage of qualified labor. We in the glass business are not alone. Construction workers in general are in short supply. So, here is a way to hire qualified workers for every part of your company. Hire a returning veteran. You will get a worker who wants a job, who knows how to take and give direction, is eager to learn and will be grateful to have a job. 

My experience in hiring vets was always positive. If fact, many of my best hires were vets, of all ages. And here is the two-for-one. You will be helping our country by teaching and training a vet. This can be for a position in the office, or in your shop. Maybe a file clerk, or a driver. Vets are taught to think on their feet, work safely and listen to good advice. 

Here’s all you have to do. Go to one or all of the following websites and post your job.

Call the local Veteran Affairs (VA) hospital or VA office in your area, and ask them how you can hire a local vet. Call the local National Guard or Reserve unit and ask for the desk Sargent. You’ll be give a warm welcome and steered to possible candidates. Don’t be afraid of someone who has a disability. The VA will have taught them how to be productive, and he or she will be doubly appreciative of a job. 

You probably won’t find an experienced glazier, but I promise you will find men and women who know how and want to work hard.