March 24, 2015

You Will Succeed In Business With This Two-Word Slogan Tattooed On The Inside Of Your Eyelids

By Paul Bieber


I’m thinking that if you have to read on, then you don’t get it. But since I’m writing, this phrase will just about guarantee your future success.

Do what the customer wants—in the proper way, and on time—and you can set your prices just about anywhere you want.

A regular customer calls your cell at 8 p.m. and needs a break boarded up. Do it. Yes, you can charge an arm and a leg for this. Rightly so. Customers calling at 8 p.m. or 3 a.m. know they are going to pay more. Give a fair price for this, and you will make your customer happy they called you… and then you get to double dip by selling the replacement glass, as well.

I know a glass shop owner who, every afternoon when he leaves work, places four 4-by-8 sheets of plywood on his racks, so he can be ready if a call comes in. If not, he unloads them the next morning. He hates leaving the house for these calls, but when he is with the customer, he behaves like the happiest man in town giving his customers such special care. You can be sure he gets a lot of their other work on a no-bid basis, as his customers really appreciate his service.

Do what the customer wants, in the proper way, on time and you can set your prices just about anywhere. This is worth repeating. It this service that keeps a customer returning to you, not low prices.

Worried about getting paid for the night work? Your credit card company should give you a free pocket sized credit card transaction block so you can swipe a credit card at 3 a.m. and know the payment is cleared.

Do what the customer wants, as long as the glass can be safely installed. If the customer wants pink strips on their spandrel, do it. If she wants mermaids sandblasted in her shower door, do it. It is these extras where price is not the deciding factor. It is the ease that customers feel in getting their needs met in one location. 

Currently in our industry, just about everything is custom, and if you don’t do what your customer wants, create a list of “partners”  you can work with who will do this under your name. And, you will probably find these partners referring work to you, as well.

Now you have customer service and a revenue stream. That is almost as good as a hot dog on opening day at the ballpark!