April 28, 2015

President Obama Called Me About the Glass Expo in New York

By Paul Bieber

And, he was upset that he had to miss it. Something about saving the world from global warming, or was it controlling Iran’s nuclear options, or some other lame excuse. He told me he wanted to be there, especially after he heard how upbeat the attendees were.  You see I had sent him the draft of this column, as I usually do each week, and when he read it, that’s when he realized his mistake.  He said he would have loved to see an industry that was busy, with jobs being scheduled and employees and employers doing well.

So, I had to redo my Tuesday blog to include his best wishes to the folks who were at the Glass Expo North East held on Long Island last week.  The Expo was good.  Lots of happy exhibitors and customers.  I learned about color-shifting aluminum panels from Fairfield Metal LLC.  This is a painted aluminum extrusion that changes colors when looked at from a different angle.  The colors were amazing.  I learned something new at this booth and it made a strong impression.  I visited the Trulite booth where I received a great mouse pad with useful glass information (which I am actually using) and received a wonderful multi-tool from the folks at JLM. 

But the best of the show was the people.  Both the vendors and the show attendees.  I spoke with most vendors and the report was a strong year coming and many of the glaziers reported having a good year…finally.  The recession in the North East, in the glass industry, appears to be waning.  

For those of you who couldn’t make it, you missed something…an opportunity to learn what is new and exciting in our industry.  There were great seminars where this information was gladly given.  To grow, you need education, opportunity and the ability to fill your customer’s needs.  When an architect calls you and you say, “I don’t carry that type of glass”, you are sending an order to someone else.  Now, not every reader of my blog is going to go to the regional show in New York, but look around…have you studied every bit of literature your vendors and possible vendors have sent you.  Have you read USGlass and just skimmed through, looking for my picture?

Knowledge is the key to your success.  Work to gain it.  Spend 5% of your time learning.  You will be better off for it.