April 20, 2015

WOW—Look Who is Coming to the Glass Expo

By Paul Bieber

Some really famous and special folks could possibly drop in. Look at the list of A-List celebrities who may show up:

Ted Williams’ body is being thawed out so he can attend;
All 22 Republican candidates for president;
“Wheel Of Fortune” may be taping their shows at the hotel;
Vice-President Joe Biden will be available for hugs at the USGlass Booth, both days;
Taylor Swift will be serenading us during the Galaxy Glass Afternoon Break;
Raul Castro, in his first American visit, to see how our commerce really works.

And for the really, super, most wonderful of all:

Stan Lane and I, wandering around and talking about the glass business.

Does it get any better than this?

Well, yes… 67 exhibitors and seven seminars. These exhibitors are trying to sell to you, but even more importantly, they are selling you the future of our industry. Each one has something new and special to share with you. See what is coming around the corner and will help your glass company grow in the next couple of years. See and touch the products. Order a sample. Set up a follow-up meeting to learn even more. Meet the ladies and gentlemen who do set the future of our industry and want to teach and share this knowledge. Yes, they want to sell, but what they are selling is what you need to grow your profitability.

There are seven seminars to teach in-depth issues for the architectural glass industry. Invest your time to learn. And then teach your team back at the shop.

Each company that registers will get a free copy of my recent book. I will be glad to autograph these rare, first-edition copies. Who knows, by next year these may be selling on eBay for thousands of dollars, or this book may just help you run your business a little bit better. Even though I am slightly prejudiced on how good this book is, I know it will help you.

I look forward to meeting my readers at the Glass Expo, Thursday and Friday, at the Hyatt Regency in Hauppauge, NY.  See you there. (Go to http://www.usglassmag.com/gene/ for complete details.  You’ll be glad you did!)