August 10, 2015

Do This Now: Close Your Eyes and Count to Sixty

By Paul Bieber

Just about all of you went, HUH?! What the heck is Bieber up to now? But you are not following directions, so let’s try this again:

Close your eyes, take one minute, relax, and count to 60.

Wasn’t that simple?

By doing this, you invested one minute of your valuable time on this blog. This wasn’t so hard, but, honestly, I don’t think doing this counting exercise helped your business. So what is this all about?

It is just a minute… 60 ticks on your clock.

Now that you know how long a minute is, you realize it is not a lot of time. Now, go into the work area of your company and give one person, or a team of people a one minute ‘attaboy’ or ‘attagirl’ on something accomplished.

Do that once each day. Let’s see, one minute to think what to do; one minute giving the attaboy and one minute shaking hands. Three minutes of your time, and this will make your company significantly better. Your employees will be proud, they won’t be afraid to see you when you walk into the shop, and your company will offer better customer service, or quality of glass, or whatever it is you do. Just one minute.

I just heard someone say, “Wait a minute, I don’t have anything good to say.” Can’t be. Even if you are upset over something that happened, you can find something good to say to someone involved. As simple as their company uniform looked good today, or their truck was spiffed up and clean.

Just one minute to say something nice. Instead of hiding, people will be glad to see you walk towards them. Your company will be better off, one minute at a time.