October 6, 2015

How I Became a Semi-Colon

By Paul Bieber

A semi-colon is a form of grammar that we learned in 4th grade and didn’t quite understand it until the writing course in the 11th grade. And even now, I am not sure I really do understand its usage.

But, how can a person become a semi-colon? Here’s how. Two weeks ago I told a friend of mine, John Halper, that I was going into the hospital for surgery to take out a spot of colon cancer. I described the procedure, saying the Docs would take out some lymph nodes and about three feet of my colon.

John immediately said, “Oh, now you will be a semi-colon!” I laughed so hard it hurt.

So, now I am home, after two surgeries and being well taken care of by Elaine. I’m exercising and gaining strength every day.  I will be starting some additional treatments next week to finish off the cancer.  Thanks to everyone who has sent good wishes and prayers.  Your emails really mean a lot.