November 22, 2015

How One Simple Phone Call Will Improve Your Sales, Profits and Company Morale

By Paul Bieber

Sure is a lot for a phone call.

Is it a call to the magic hot line that will give you the winning lottery numbers?


Is it a call to the President’s private cell phone where you can get his advice on a business question?

Are you kidding? No.

I’ve got it! Is it a call to your customers asking if the work done by your company met their goals, or hopefully exceeded them?

YES! Yes, it is.

The day after an installation is complete, either you or an assistant call each customer and ask the question. No exceptions. Learn what went well and where improvements can be made. You will learn a ton from this. Praise the teams that get good responses and teach the teams that need improvements.

Here is the key, for the customers who praise you, ask them to write you a short note or drop an email. When they do, prominently place these notes throughout the company and your website. There is no better advertising than positive customer statements. Be sure to ask permission before you place the letter on the web; maybe you will have to block out their address or such if it is on the letter. Ask your customer if they could recommend a friend who might need the type of work you do… built in solid leads come with this. This is true whether you do commercial or residential work.

Most of your customers will be pleased with your work, otherwise you won’t be in business long anyway.

Good luck. If you do this, and your business doubles in two years, just call me and ask where to send the check. And be generous!