February 9, 2016

When Was The Last Time You Used “Great Customer Service” and “Cell Phone Company” In The Same Sentence?

By Paul Bieber

I never had, until last Sunday, when the battery on my phone wouldn’t take a charge. The phone was 16 months old, and that is about when batteries go. I stopped in at the local store, where I had purchased the phone, and asked about a replacement battery.

Read on, my friends, to understand the miracle that took place.

My cell carrier is Verizon, and the store is an independent company selling Verizon products and cell lines. I walked through the door and a lady named Jessica immediately walked up to me, with a huge smile, and asked if she could help me. I told her the sad story of my near-death battery and she instantly said she would take care of it. A new battery was about $30, which I was prepared to pay.

Jessica would not take my money. She said she would look into my plans and see if she could get me a new phone. I felt like this would be a waste, but I politely listened. Shazzam! Two minutes later she said that under my contract I could get a new, upgraded, phone for free. And then Jessica dropped the atomic bomb. My new monthly rate would be $20 less! Of course, I heard her wrong. Nope, she said, it would be $20 less expensive.

In ten minutes, I walked out with a new phone, fully set up with my contacts and pictures, saving $30 on the battery I didn’t buy and $240 a year on my plan charges. Jessica had my best interest at heart, and that has now made me a very loyal customer.

Can this work for a glass company? Sure thing. A customer calls you about a fogged insulating glass unit that is 15 years old. You can replace the unit as is, but if you talk about low-E glass and the benefits, you can get an upgraded sale. When you visit the house to do the measure, you see that their frames are lousy. Maybe you get them to buy new windows and really have an energy advantage.

Learn the cost savings that low-E can offer the homeowner. Get this info on line from the glass floater, or work with your fabricator to gain this knowledge. If your fabricator doesn’t want to help you here, get a new fabricator.

A smile, a greeting, a suggestion and then facts to back up the suggestion. You gain a happy customer, make a few extra nickels and go on to the next job. Isn’t life wonderful?