May 3, 2016

It is Only a Month Away

By Paul Bieber

What is IT?

Is IT coming down from outer space?

Is IT digging up from the center of the earth?

IT is starting from Virginia and heading across the entire United States.

OK, here IT is: Glass Expo Pacific Northwest™ in Seattle June 2-3.

If you work in the glass industry on the West Coast or in the Northwest U.S., this is the place for you. You can learn more about our industry in these two days than anywhere else. You can meet with vendors showing their latest products, talk with other glass company leaders from around the country and learn at the seminars that are offered. (A note from Paul: I am leading a seminar on how glass shops can buy products and services less expensively and easier.  I hope to see you at this program, Thursday morning at 10:45 a.m., and as a special incentive, each person attending will get a free copy of my latest book, “Solutions To Everyday Business Problems”.)

There are many other speakers, all of whom are industry professionals freely sharing information with you to help your glass company. The vendors who have invested in a show booth are there to show you their latest products so you can sell more in the coming year.

Meet and speak to many glass shop owners and managers from around the country and learn what is selling in their areas.

So, enough hype for the Expo. But, with one last thought–If you would like to schedule some time with me, I will be glad to meet for up to a half-hour, to help with anything on your mind. There is no charge for any of these conferences, courtesy of USGlass Magazine. Drop me a note at if you are interested.