June 26, 2016

Another Tip on Hiring Great People for Your Company

By Paul Bieber

Yes, another tip. If you have a perfect work team and are satisfied with your finances, delete this note and play computer solitaire. On the other hand, if you are in need of good people and good leaders, read on.

The single best, number one, top-of-the pile and most successful tool I have ever seen is the employee handbook. Is your book warm and inviting, or did your lawyer prepare 30 pages of “don’t do this or that”?

Warm and inviting is the key. Give out your employee handbook at job fairs or to applicants or to the state employment office. Is your company, as detailed in your handbook, the kind of company that people want to work for?

I can read an employee manual and in ten minutes understand the goals (if any) of the company and most importantly, how the company treats and rewards its work staff. You will hire better people if the applicants understand who you are up front. If people want to join your company, and you like an applicant, you have hit a home run!

Take a look at your manual. Would you want to work for this company? Most manuals I have seen (I have seen hundreds) are so negative that I, for sure, would not want to be involved with this company. The manuals that are good are always from a successful glass company who realizes that people are the heart of a business.

Do you have a manual? Is it current? Is it warm? If the answers here are no, then get to work. You will still have all of your work rules and the legal requirements, but a good manual will also give you better people. I guarantee it. So, read your manual, then contact the person who wrote it for you and ask them to change it from a legal list of no-no’s to a positive view of your company. Do it now.