July 19, 2016

Why I Am Not The Smartest Man On The Block

By Paul Bieber

Yep, I hate to let down some of my loyal readers. The ones who worship me and send little presents (in 23 carat gold) or the keys to a new car.

And all of this came to light on one warm summer day. Yes, Monday of this week was my downfall. I am a big enough man (no snide comments here) to accept that both of these events can occur within one day.

A client in the southeast part of the United States had asked me to visit his plant and help with some improvements. At his location, it was 97 degrees. The temperature by his oven was 110 degrees. I arrived at his plant at 7 a.m. and discovered he wanted me to work with his tempering operators. Not one of the more enjoyable days of my life, but I lost a lot of pounds today. Next time, I’ll ask first. 

For my next stroke of genius, I had a conference call scheduled with a customer in the Northeast at 3 p.m. I kept looking at my computer to check the time; at 2:20 p.m. my wife called and told me the customer in the Northeast had called our home looking for me concerning the conference call.  It was then that I realized that my computer had changed to central time and I was an hour behind.

I have earned my credentials in the not-so-smart club today.