August 2, 2016

Let’s Take A Look At Some Serious News Events, And How This Will Help Your Company!

By Paul Bieber

Is it the heat wave surrounding our country?

Is it the hot air coming from all the political bickering?

It must be the blockbuster sale of PPG.

Or is it the start of the Olympics this Friday night in Rio? Yes, this is the one.

The every-four-years event has come under some dark clouds this cycle.  Contamination and dirty water, bad drug testing, and politics between nations are always an undercurrent.  But what of the greatness of the athletes?  Their training for years to get here.  Giving up so much in their young lives for their thirty seconds or four minutes of opportunity.  The Olympics are full of stunning stories of athletes giving their all for their sport and their country.  Gold, silver and bronze;  the fourth place finisher is never remembered.  Not one athlete in Rio plans to lose, but most will and they are still  proud to be there.

What does this have to do with your glass shop?  Do you give your employees the opportunity to get better in their jobs?  Do you arrange education sessions with your vendors?  Do you take a busload of folks to see a factory tour from a key vendor? 

Encourage your employees to take night or Saturday courses, and pay for their school if they get a B or better. Give employees access to your computers so they can do homework or just surf the web to look at the hundreds of glass sites available.  Be sure to cross-train every employee, expanding their skill set and building a backstop for when you need it.   Read a good book lately about business in general?  Buy a couple more copies and pass it through your leadership ranks, including your foremen.

Having your employees train like an Olympic athlete is not going to happen, but an in-shape person is less likely to develop a bad back or a strained muscle.  Co-sponsor their gym memberships, provided an employee visits at least eight times per month.

Did you see a rather interesting athlete’s story on TV.  Bring that up from your on-demand transmitter of NBC sports and show it to your team.  Show that teamwork works.  Show that an individual can succeed against tough odds.  Use these short clips as great motivational tips for your crew.

How about if you create an Olympic sale, based on the number of gold, silver or bronze metals our athletes win?  Thirty medals next week?  Give a 30% discount on one item.  The newspapers and TV news will love this and give you plenty of free press.  Just tell them your story and they will come running to you.

OK, you get the hint.  Watch the Olympics for the sheer joy of watching and rooting for your country.  But, if you happen to see a person go the extra meter, use that as your teaching lesson!