September 6, 2016

America is Working

By Paul Bieber

I bet you think this blog will be about celebrating your workers because I am writing this on Labor Day. Actually, it could be, but it isn’t. It could be about the low unemployment rate and the trouble the glass industry now has in hiring qualified folks. Nope, it isn’t.

Then what is it?

This blog is about America. The concept of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is still working. We are about elect a new president. Maybe you don’t like one or both of the major candidates, but when you go to the polling place, you have the privilege so many people do not. For instance, China does not hold free elections, and they are the largest country by population on our earth. The transition to the next president of the United States will be peaceful. Nice.

You get to pay taxes. Is this something to celebrate? You bet it is. This tax money pays for our defense of our country. Taxes help many to go to school from Pre-K through college. I know that some of the tax dollars are wasted and poorly managed. But about 95 percent is well done. I could come into your glass company and find at least 5 percent waste if not more.

You didn’t have to be married to some governmental big-wig’s daughter or son to open your business. You had lots of paper and forms to go through and then your hard work could be rewarded. That doesn’t happen in most of the countries around the world. 

We still have class and race problems here, and these are indeed significant problems. But you get to read about this everyday in the paper or browse to a news story on the web, all at your choice. More than half of the people who do have access to the internet find it censored by governments around the world. Americans have the right to watch anything they want, and to get spammed as well. That is a small price for this freedom.

So, when you have problems in your business and want to blame somebody else, remember the overall economy and regulation of our country is working. Some days a little better than others.  I can certainly say, America is working.

Happy Labor Day!