October 25, 2016

Now is the Time to Focus On Your Holiday Sales

By Paul Bieber

We all hate them. The big store displays, the catalogs in the mail, the advertising sections becoming the size of a small whale—and all encouraging you to spend more money with the advertiser. Well, now it your turn.

From now until the first of 2017 you can increase sales, very profitable sales at that, by displaying and advertising your products. The most important one is a new table top for the dining room or kitchen. Huge profit-maker.  People begin redecorating their homes now too. Maybe a framed mirror, or other mirror accents will tickle their fancy. Put up some creative designs with bevel strips in your showroom.

People get a lot company during the holiday season. You should show folks that you do shower doors perfectly and on-time for Thanksgiving. Maybe there are fogged IG’s that need replacing? Maybe a badly scratched storm door plexi? Put signs up in your showroom saying that you can fix these problems ASAP. 

If you do both auto and flat, emphasize your capabilities in the flat glass arena for the next two months. 

Have a pre-Christmas sale for table tops. Advertise it in your local papers and on your website and Facebook page. You don’t have one? Start reading Chuck Bankoff’s blog at USGNN.com™. He really knows what he is talking about.

People need small gifts also. Make a display including glass cleaner, glass gloves, (they make a great gardening glove!) tape measures and the things you have in your stock room anyway. Sales here are the cherry on top of your hot fudge sundae.

I know it is early to start saying Happy Thanksgiving or Merry Christmas or Happy Kwanza or Have a great Chanukah, but you can sell glass goods into this marketplace.

Also: Cubs in seven.