November 29, 2016

Five Hundred and Counting

By Paul Bieber

What’s that mean? Five hundred what?

Today’s post is my 500th blog on the USGlass News Network (™). A tad more than ten years at a keyboard. A quarter million words, give or take. About 1,500 hours. And I just plain love it.

Writing this blog keeps my head in the glass industry. In fact, it forces me to keep current on lots of things, from labor law to baseball scores, and I love it. But it not just me who is responsible for this blog. Deb Levy, the Publisher of USGlass, has put effort and capital into USGNN for the benefit of everyone in our trade. Without her vision, the industry would be less enjoyable and certainly less knowledgeable. Thanks Deb. The editors, over the years, have improved my writings. Thanks to a whole team of supporters on the editorial staff. Only one time in ten years was I asked to change something in a blog. The freedom I have been given to ramble on is astounding. I love this wonderful editorial crew.

There is one person, above all who has helped with this blog. She smiles at me when I say I can’t do dishes on Monday night because I have to do the blog. She reads the blog just about every Tuesday catching typos and grammar errors. She groans at my fitful attempts at humor and makes not-so-subtle suggestions when the jokes don’t work. She is my wife of 42 years, Elaine. And I love her.

Thanks to my readers who send in comments and questions. Please keep them coming. I try to personally answer each one.

You won’t see a blog like this for about ten years. Thanks for being a reader here and thanks for being in our crazy but wonderful glass industry. And we all love it.