November 22, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving… and Keep it Short

By Paul Bieber

Why? Because most of us are working three days this week. So it is only proper that you get 60 percent of a blog. That’s why. So, what can I say about something in 60 percent of my usual blog length.

  • How about we set a goal of a 60 percent increase in following up on leads?
  • Maybe we spend 60 percent more time in getting educated in our industry?
  • Could we try for a 60-percent reduction in our labor turnover?
  • A promise to read Paul’s blog every week, instead of just 60 percent of the time?
  • You and your company wear your safety gear 100 percent of the time, not just the 60 percent usage you have now?
  • You improve your web presence by 60 percent by updating your web pages and starting a Facebook page as well?

And since my 60-percent limit is coming up, how about we reduce our stress and improve our life by 60 percent? Do you have ideas on how to do this? Please drop me a note at or just reply to this post. I’ll post all of your suggestions for next week’s blog, along with my thoughts.

Happy thanksgiving to all.