November 1, 2016

I Still Have The Chance To Be The Smartest Guy Here

By Paul Bieber

Yes I do.

Last week’s blog about holiday shopping had a little one liner on the bottom. It said “Cubs in seven”. The Cubs are down 3-2 in the seven game series, with these last two games in Cleveland.  So the Cubs have a rough road ahead, but I am rooting for them.  I don’t think it is just their turn.  I do think that over the season they were the best team in baseball. 

So, if the Cubs lose, and since I stuck my neck out and predicted they would, I will lose my title of the smartest guy around.  There may have been one or two other folks around the country who predicted this would be the outcome, but none live in my house.  I even asked my cats, and not one of them said Cubs in seven. 

So with this honesty and forthrightness about my skills in predicting baseball series, you can be sure that losing this title in baseball does not take away my title in the USGNN blog-o-sphere of Tuesday bloggers.

Honestly, there will be an intelligent, glass-related blog next week.  It is just, that right now, baseball is more important.