November 8, 2016

This is a Glass Blog and Has Nothing To Do with the Cubs Winning in Seven Games

By Paul Bieber

Last week I promised a glass blog instead of the baseball blogs I had written. So a glass blog it will be. I had predicted the Cubs in seven and guess what? So much is happening in our industry. The big news on the East Coast is the sale of JE Berkowitz to the Grey Mountain Partners’ Consolidated Glass Holdings. Is this really more important than baseball?

The established, well-run and profitable regional fabricators are aligning with the conglomerates. This has left a large gap in the supplier base for the ordinary glass shop. Every large city area, for instance any city with a major league team, needs multiple choices for glass shops to work with. The big conglomerate-run companies usually increase the minimum order, reduce the ability to negotiate pricing on everyday work and often times reduce their product mix availability. 

Currently my consulting group is working with two fabricators who see this as a golden time for their companies just like the tenth inning for the Cubs to grow. As a glass purchasing company, be sure you search out every fabricator in your area. Just like the Cubs did with their scouting department.  I am not saying the combined companies can’t serve you well, just that you may want to check services and prices with all your sources.

We are not alone in this trend. Aluminum companies and suppliers of supplies also fall into this category.  Free agency is just starting for 2016-2017 with players looking for change and management looking for additions to their team.  This is your chance to look at your vendors and maybe improve your supplier base, getting stronger service or pricing and terms.

So thinking of baseball is over; the elections are over this evening and it is time to improve your company.