November 15, 2016

Yesterday I Started Shopping For a New Bathroom Shower

By Paul Bieber

So, I happened to be in the area where the largest distributor of tubs, shower and plumbing supplies has a massive showroom. I went in wearing my Clark Kent disguise, not mentioning that I have a bit of knowledge about glass. I met the nicest saleslady, and we talked about grandchildren to start the conversation. (She had a picture of her grandson on her desk… always a sure giveaway.)

I explained we wanted to put either a new tub or a new shower in an old bathroom. She was a wonderful saleslady on the types of walk-in tubs I had been researching on the web. She explained the pluses and minuses on each different brand and style. She had obviously been to training sessions sponsored by the tub industry, which I did confirm with her after remarking on how knowledgeable she was.

We then went to showers. She had solid information on the brands they carried, sizes, finishes, hardware and costs. I really did learn quite a bit from her in the 45 minutes we spent together. Then, in my best Clark Kent Midwestern accent, I asked about the glass in the showers.

She said she didn’t know anything about glass and that I should ask my plumber for a recommendation about a glass company. I asked if she could recommend a glass company near where I lived. She couldn’t.

I left with a ton of information on tubs and the showers. And one big question.

Please, everyone who reads this blog, start calling on the plumbing wholesalers and retailers in your business area. Prepare a 30-45 minute presentation about glass, so that the salespeople can learn. This type of sales presentation is usually held at lunch tine and is called a lunch-and-learn. It doesn’t matter how good a presenter you are. Bring in samples of different finishes, tints, thicknesses and pictures of installs that you have done. Leave whatever literature that you have. Call your fabricator to join you on this lunch-and-learn. They will have the tools to help you. If not, look for a different fabricator and make this criteria important in your selection. Service, quality and pricing do come first though.

Bottom line, I urge you to call on the plumbers and the plumbing showrooms in your business area and create a working relationship. I can really see this bringing in many leads.