January 31, 2017

Who Is On Your Mount Rushmore?

By Paul Bieber

Over the weekend Elaine and I were watching the Australian Open tennis finals, and one of the announcers asked another who would be on his Mount Rushmore of athletes. He responded with names that I completely disagreed with. And then the fun began. Elaine and I asked each other who would be on the Mount Rushmore of music, theatre, sports and then just baseball, or just New York baseball.

The Mount Rushmore of anything is really the four best. Period. No second choices. What does this mean to you in the glass industry?

Who are/were the four best customers you ever had. Now, go out and get back any one who is not buying from you. Close old wounds and give up on chasing some small dollars in favor of getting back into the big dollars.

Who were/are your four best employees. Forget the fact that one or more may have left you for another job at sometime. Get them back. At whatever the rate may be. Your best people will help your company make a return on investment better than any thing else I can show you. Take extra good care of the ones that are on your team. If one of your honorees can’t come back to work, spread the details of his/her life to the rest of your team encouraging and hoping someone steps up.

Who were/are your best vendors? Come on. Put away the petty insults and forget that job where they really fouled up. If they are among the top four, make an overture to renew your relationship. It will be worth it.

This can be a nice way to keep the kids quiet on a car trip, or to spend an evening with friends. Take it very seriously when working within your company.

Wasn’t this easy?