February 7, 2017

I Guess You Will Know What This Blog Is About

By Paul Bieber

Here are your hints:

  • I live in New Hampshire, which is part of NEW ENGLAND.
  • I stayed up late on Sunday watching the puppy bowl on the Animal Planet channel, or was it that other bowl?
  • Recently I saw the play Hamilton and last night was thinking about the characters, all playing PATRIOTS.

Okay, you guessed.

WE WON!!!!!

If you didn’t see the game, visit a friend who taped the second half.–one of the best halves of football ever played by an offense.

So, how do we bring this into our glass industry?  Something happened in the locker room during half-time.  Whether it was the coach, or the quarterback, or one of the team members, someone said something that motivated and energized this team.  It worked.

Could you do this with your team at work here in the glass industry? You bet you can.  Speak from your heart, directly addressing whatever the problems are at your place.  When you identify a problem, practice what you are going to say, maybe two or three times and the following morning, speak to the folks that need to hear it.  If they don’t improve, fairly quickly, then they don’t belong on your team.  It really is this simple.

Enough of me.  Go practice your half-time speech.