February 21, 2017

I Have Been Called a Lot of Things in My Life

By Paul Bieber

From Mickey Mouse to Porky Pig. That darned Mets fan. Chubby. And, now that has all changed.

My new name is Grandpa. What a lovely name this is. And I am now married to a Grandma. Wow! 

Our daughter-in-law, Meaghan, and our son Phil had a baby boy, Sander Liel, on Saturday. It was an easy labor and everyone is healthy and happy.

Actually, since this is our first grandchild, I do have another name, “Spoiler-in-Chief.” That is a title I will work hard to maintain.

This blog has nothing to do with the glass or any business. I have become a generation older, and my brain can now only do one thing at a time.

Oh, how we are blessed in so many ways, but none as great as holding our new grandson.