March 10, 2017

“Any Given Sunday” Is Every Day At Your Shop

By Paul Bieber

The other day I watched an old movie called “Any Given Sunday” about a football team under pressure with a hurt quarterback, a cocky replacement and unsettled management. I have to admit I felt guilty watching a football movie during baseball’s spring training, but I learned something that was so obvious that I wanted to pass this along.

The camera was in the locker room during half-time and the coach, Al Pacino, gave a spirited talk to lift his team which was losing.  At the end of the speech, he pointed to seven different players asking them to improve something out there, each with a unique position.  It worked.  Pacino’s team won.  You knew that, after all this is Hollywood.

But I began to think. What if you gave a five minute update to your staff after lunch?  How about a quick email with a short joke and then exhorting everyone to pick one thing and make it better.  Maybe give an extra sweep around the dumpsters, or clean up the patterns, or double check the next shower door very carefully!  I know you are not in Hollywood and some if not most days you are at job sites.  Well, leave a note to be read at the 1:00 pm five- minute meeting.  Everybody likes an atta-boy, and if you can throw an idea in to help folks, why you will be an all-star coach.

Everyday too often for you?  Try twice-a-week. Most managers I speak with have problems that need to be fixed.  This may be an easy, non-confrontational way to help the home team.