March 28, 2017

What is a Millennial Anyway?

By Paul Bieber

I was a baby boomer baby, born after my Dad came home from WWII. This I can understand. I am told that a millennial was born from 1980 to 2000. I would have thought that only a baby born in the year 2000 would be a millennial. Our two children qualify as pure-bred millennials. I have a navy-blue blazer that is also a millennial.

So what is so special? You get a job, work hard, grow and learn, earn more and more, and suddenly you retire. Maybe there is more to someone’s work life. Debra Levy, publisher of USGlass asked me to speak about working with these youngsters and how this affects every company today. So I studied, read many articles in business magazines and can say I am now an expert.

I’ll prove that to you. This Friday, 10 a.m., at Glass Expo Northeast™ (GENE) in Huntington, N.Y.

But, I must tell you, in all honesty, Deb has asked Casey Flores to join in on this seminar. He is a real millennial, and whip-smart, and a writer and editor. Really, this is Casey’s seminar, and they felt sorry for an old war-horse like me and threw me in at the last moment. My oldness and Casey’s youngness will create a perfect presentation on how to build and manage your workforce for the future.

This is only one of many seminars that will help anyone in the glass industry. There are over 1.5 million exhibitors lined up to show their wares. (Who, me? … I would never make up an absurd number! I am insulted that you asked.)

So come to the expo, it will be largest expo in this show’s history. You’ll learn from old-folks and young’uns.  You’ll see products and learn what’s new in helping you to grow your business. See you there.