May 9, 2017

Do You Do Board-Up Work?

By Paul Bieber

You should be. There is a guy over on the left who just said he is a glass company, not a carpenter at 3 a.m. He’s right. But he isn’t as profitable as a glass company that does the board-up.

You need two, two-man teams who are on call. This can be overnight or weekends, one team on call while the other is asleep. Dedicate a truck that has plywood on the side racks, framing lumber, saws, nail guns and a bright light system that can work off of the truck’s electrical system. And you are going to pay these crews for their standby status. $10/hour works.

Let’s see, so far I have recommended you spend a lot of money. Where is the upside?

Boarding work is profitable. Crews can bill out at $200/hour, with a three- or four-hour minimum charge, plus materials used. And if you do the board-up, then you also get the glass replacement. Duh! It is just that simple. Well not quite. Read on.

You need to stop in every business in your area, leaving information on your board-up service. Mention this prominently in your web page or Facebook post. And yes, put this in your ad in the Yellow Pages. Let the local insurance agents know you offer this service. If a break occurs during business hours, the first call is to the insurance agency to confirm coverage and ask for the name of who they recommend.

Most retail businesses have insurance that will cover board-up and glass replacement after a storefront break. So, the customer really doesn’t care about the cost as much as he wants it done NOW. This is where the good money comes in.

So, it is a big selling job on your part to have customers know you offer this service. One or two board-ups per month will certainly add to your bottom line. Good luck with being a carpenter and a glass man.