July 17, 2017

Is it Tuesday Already?

By Paul Bieber

Holy cow, this week went fast. It is hard to keep my schedule going when Tuesday keeps coming up on the calendar. You know, feed the cats, read a book… things that an old retired guy does.

What do you do on Tuesdays?

Here is a way to efficiently get some important tasks done in your glass shop. Segregate these tasks to one certain day of the week. Of course, emergencies do happen and reschedules will have to be done. But for the most part, just about everyone can hold this pattern, if they allow an hour or two for their specific daily tasks.

Let’s look at some tasks that only need to be done once a week:

  • Interview possible new hires
  • Set up second interviews
  • Introduce new hires to the company (usually on a Monday)
  • Answer non-important correspondence
  • Do an employee review
  • Shop for a new truck or plant equipment
  • Pay bills
  • Call customers who owe money
  • Cold call at least five job sites
  • Write letters or emails to potential customers
  • Meet with your accountant, lawyer, IT professional or other outsiders
  • Clean your desk of the various notes and call backs that are not important
  • Read glass trade magazines for new ideas and products
  • Read my blog every Tuesday
  • Meet with your department heads planning next week
  • Update your vendor files with notes and pricing
  • Make specific appointments with key vendors

You get the hint. I would plan two or three categories for each day, maybe giving each one an hour. There will be days none of them happen. Okay. That is life. But by scheduling all of these tasks on a once-a-week basis, you will get more done.