August 29, 2017

If You Can Read This Blog

By Paul Bieber

If you can read this blog you have electricity, internet and your feet are probably dry. You are among the lucky folks in our great country.

Let’s all help those in Southeast Texas who lost their homes and possessions, their places of work and their lives as they knew them.

There are many organizations and places to donate through, but unfortunately, there are also scoundrels taking advantage of people’s generosity by setting up fake sites to steal well-intentioned goodwill.  I suggest these two donation sites.  They are there in Texas, on the ground, with no questions asked.

Ask your coworkers for two bucks, add this money together and send the donation.  Bring lunch from home tomorrow and save five bucks.  Donate this.  Skip your after-work beers tonight and save 10 bucks. Your donation is tax-deductible and will make you feel good.  When I donated I felt good.