September 12, 2017

I Just Couldn’t Write A Regular Blog This Week

By Paul Bieber

Hurricanes, mudslides, floods and the memories of 9/11 are all on my mind. I just couldn’t write about ways to improve businesses, even if you are in Ohio and haven’t been inflicted with the pain. (But then again, you have the Indians current streak and that is something special.)

We are all going to be impacted by the past two weeks of severe weather.  Skilled labor, already in short supply, will be streaming to Florida, Puerto Rico and Texas.  Construction products—sheetrock, plywood, and yes glass, will be in demand  for the foreseeable future as rebuilding takes place.  Insurances will increase nationwide.  Government spending will increase hundreds of billions of dollars to help these three areas. And I don’t have a problem with these facts.  We are one country and those of us in New Hampshire have to help those in the hard hit states.  That is what our country is about.

No more Charlottsvilles and white supremacy.  No divided country.  No more saying I am better than you.  We are all the same.  We are all in this country together.

‘Nuff said.