October 17, 2017

So Many Subjects–So Few Words

By Paul Bieber

What a week. I lost my bet to Lyle Hill and will be sending a donation, in Lyle’s honor, to a charity helping Puerto Rico. It looks like a Houston-Los Angles World Series, but the Yankees came back in the division series, so there is hope. The Yankees have been there so often, shouldn’t Houston get the chance? But then again, if the Yankees earn their way in……

Do you provide health insurance for your employees, directly or through a third party like a union or trade group? And between Harvey Weinstein (a real jerk who should go to jail) and NFL players who speak out, silently, it has been an interesting week. And what the heck do these mean in running your glass company? Plenty.

If you don’t provide healthcare to your team, don’t worry. Trump’s executive order doesn’t impact you. But if you don’t have good healthcare insurance, you don’t have good employees anyway; you are only getting the rejects. Mr. Trump’s new idea is to let the prices go down if you are healthy, but if you get seriously sick, bankruptcy is in the future of the American workers who get these new bare-boned policies.

You buy glass. You buy aluminum. You negotiate to get the best prices, and you send the purchase orders. You may buy glass with no warranty, or IG with great low-E’s and a 20-year warranty. Then you pay more. It is the same with healthcare for yourself and your employee’s and their families. You try to cut costs and many company’s do this by reducing healthcare. When you do this, you will see your best employees leave for jobs that give great benefits. And you will be left with the folks who can’t get the good jobs. And they will moan about the insurance. Now you will have a second-class workforce. It is a fact.

You don’t have to eat the total cost. It is OK if employees pay a share, maybe 20-25 percent is acceptable today.  

In the last two years I had over $500,000 in medical bills. Didn’t cost me a penny. Not a single cent because of good insurance. Do you want your employees to need second jobs to pay medical bills? 

Don’t let the PR releases fool you. This new plan impacts everyone, including you and your employees. And that could hurt your business. What about your female workforce? Trump’s plan says you don’t have to give birth-control meds. Some would argue they can’t afford to buy the drug. They will be looking to work at firms that do honor their needs.

So, some people are at your place are busy watching the NFL and the World Series and others out looking for better jobs. Good luck.