November 21, 2017

This Is How A World Class Chef, Like Myself, Will Cook Our Thanksgiving Turkey

By Paul Bieber

1. Buy a turkey

2. Have a drink of Southern Comfort

3. Put the turkey in the oven

4. Have a double of Southern Comfort

5. Set the degree at 375 ovens

6. Have two doubles of Comfy Southern

7. Turn on oven the

8. Take four whisks of the drinky

9. Stuff the stuffing into the empty bottle of South End Comfort

10. Turk the basty

11.  Another buttle of Soumfort Comfy to get

12. Stick a turkey in the themometer

13. Glass yourself a pour of Couthern Somfert

14. Bake the booze for four hours

15. Take the oven out of the turkey

16. Take the oven out of the turkey

17. Floor the turkey up off the pick

18. Turk the carvey

19. Get another cottle of Bothern Commfy

20. Tet the sable and take a long drink from the Comfort Southy

21. Bless the saying and pass and eat out.

I wish all of my readers a wonderful holiday.  Eat Well.