January 23, 2018

Now, What Do I Do?

By Paul Bieber

I need everyone’s help. Here’s the story. Every year I deposit $1,000 in a savings plan for each of our two kids. This year, with the new grandson, the donation will be $3,000. The deposits are well invested in conservative growth funds, generating a 6-percent return during the last 30 years. Last year was better, of course.

Here is the dilemma.

A buddy of mine knows a bookie who is taking bets on the Super Bowl. I have never in my life bet on a sporting event, other than buying someone dinner or sending a bottle of bourbon. Even with the times I have spent in Vegas, sports betting has never been part of my plans.

I live in New England. I always follow baseball, and have little interest in other sports, except following the Patriots. I strongly believe the Patriots will win the Super Bowl.

Do I continue my conservative strategy this year or bet the $3,000 on the Patriots? The bookie says the return would be $5,400, or a $2,400 profit. Or it could be zero.

Please tell me what to do. Drop me a note at paulbaseball@msn.com or respond to this blog. Thanks.