March 23, 2018

Did You Ask for the Sale?

By Paul Bieber

Elaine, my wife, has a birthday coming up and I was in a gift store looking for just the right present. I was torn between two items on a shelf. A sales clerk wandered by and said, “Those are so pretty, I’d love one myself!” Then she walked away. She didn’t say, “Can I wrap one for you,” or “Which one would you like to take home?”

I walked out of the store with nothing and wound up buying on the internet.

In our glass industry, the internet doesn’t work well. Too many custom sizes, and shipping is tough. But I’ve been to glass companies in my consulting visits where their front desk staff doesn’t ask for orders. They give quotes and say thank you. I immediately ask the owner if I can do a five-minute sales training exercise, and suddenly, within a day, these shops are getting more orders.

It really is as simple as asking for the order. People call a glass shop for a quote on something they need now, or in the near future. ASK FOR THE ORDER. You will get it more often than not. You can teach your team to ask, “When would you like us to deliver that to you?” Or how about,  “Which credit card would you like to use, or will this be cash?” Even, “May I write this up for you so our team can get the order going?”  

A lot of glass shops close orders at a job site or in a person’s home. The same rules apply. People might want something, but sometimes are nervous with the cost. They know they are going to be spending but just need your little last push to get it going. For the big work at someone’s home, simply state, “You only need to give me 25 percent down and then weekly progress payments every Friday. Is it OK to go ahead?” (Or whatever your terms are.)

Or, have the quote all filled out and if the customer is nodding yes, but not saying anything, offer your clipboard and a pen and point out where to sign. You will get more orders.

Don’t tell folks to shop around and they will see you are the best. Tell them you are the best now, and let’s get started!

I can absolutely make you a promise, if you and your sales team ask for orders with a positive approach while not being pushy, you will get more orders. Guaranteed.