May 21, 2018

Where Did That Money Come From?

By Paul Bieber

I received a check last week in an envelope with no return address. The note inside simply said, “We’ll be in touch soon. We have a job for you.” What kind of a job? Who would send me a certified check for $130,000? This sounds too familiar to be a coincidence.

  • As a consultant I have various clients, but no one has committed a contract this big to me.
  • I bought a lottery ticket last week, but didn’t win that.
  • My next door neighbor owes me $160 for snow plowing from last year.
  • I am the treasurer of a state-wide non-profit organization, but since I run the checkbook, we don’t have that much money to begin with. And I work as a volunteer anyway.
  • I have not been in Vegas for quite a while and don’t go to any of the gambling halls on the East Coast. Would they send out money like this to a non-customer?
  • I do volunteer work for one of the political parties. Is someone trying to buy my vote?

So my friends and readers, help me. Do I cash the check and take a vacation? Should I invest it in your glass company? Do I call the FBI? Drop me a note and give your best advice on what should be done with $130,000 in this certified check.