June 19, 2018

Yes, You Do Want To Retain Your Best Employees!

By Paul Bieber

I have spoken with glaziers who tell me that their glass handling employees get one or two phone calls every month inviting them to work for another company. Good estimators are getting called weekly. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if many of you are making these same calls as well. I won’t comment on how to hire another glazier’s workers, but let’s look at the “secret” to keeping your folks with you.


    • Give your team clear direction on what they and the company need to do for success. Make sure you both agree on priorities and the purpose of their work.
    • Give constant feedback individually and to your whole team. Positive work always begs for a “thank you,” or some other recognition. Give an employee who needs help, the help needed. Turning a problem employee to a successful employee is by far better than hiring an unknown.
    • Don’t leave an employee up in the air. If a decision is needed, make it now. If you wait a week, that phone call from a competitor could be dangerous for you.
    • Keep your wages competitive. There is a pricing war for good employees.
    • Don’t bully your employees with a phrase like, “I am the boss and do it my way or the highway.” You will lose that employee very quickly.

    Managing your team is the most important function you have. They will be doing the work and contacting your clients. Keeping the good people on your team happy will ensure your, and your company’s, success.