July 10, 2018

Another Birthday Party Is Over

By Paul Bieber

And now I am useless. Or so everything I read tells me. Over the hill and all sorts of happy and wonderful thoughts like this. I sure didn’t feel older on Friday than I felt on Thursday. I am just as smart and still productive. So why, really, am I over the hill? And, does this help you with the hiring problems being faced currently? You bet it does.

A lot of managers hate hiring senior citizens, and that usually starts at around 55 in many minds. If you want the most experienced person…look at the ones who have worked the longest! Yes, some are old-fashioned and some are stuck in their ways, but I can tell you that when I hired a senior-ager for the correct position, it really paid off. The key is the right position. Use a senior to go on sales calls, or give technical advice. How about in customer service or in purchasing? A senior as a job-site captain is great. A senior as an in-shop foreman is perfect. Use the accumulated wisdom and experience to your benefit.

Some people are afraid to hire a senior due to insurance costs and liabilities. I understand that. So don’t hire them, but bring them in on a consulting contract for a year or two. It’s perfectly legal and avoids many pitfalls. It is important, though, to speak with a labor attorney in your state to prepare the document that extends the offer and lays out the terms.  There is no single document that works for each state.

You will have to spend more on birthday candles for their cake. That is the only down-side!