July 3, 2018

Another Way To Solve Your Biggest Problem

By Paul Bieber

Yes, it is hiring qualified people who want to have a career with you. In today’s economy there are twenty choices for your second place problem, but those are for another day. Last week I received a great note from Matt at Ability Glass saying he has tried ten different ways to hire folks and cannot get anyone who is qualified to be a glazier with him. He has offered jobs to rookies, with the intention of training them. And ten other ways. Matt, thanks for your email, because you reminded me of one great program for hiring that I have not talked about for a while. I used this when we had over 200 employees at our glass fabricator and it worked. It worked well.

The greatest asset you have is your current work force. Let’s tap this resource. An employee who has been with you for over a year is either a good employee or your brother-in-law’s first cousin.  When all of your competitors are trying to poach your folks, the people who have stayed with you must truly believe that your company is good and that you are a great employer.

Here is the program.  Ask your current employees to ask their friends or family to come in for interviews.  No one is going to suggest their drunk roommate to apply.  Your current team will only ask the ‘good folks’ to apply.  No one knows the jobs at your company better than your current team.  No head hunter or a three inch ad on a job board can convey the spirit and teamwork in your place. 

No promises that you will hire someone that is suggested for an interview. But if you do hire an individual, your current employee gets a $100 bonus.  If the new employee last 90 days, the referring employee gets $500.  And at six months, the current employee gets $1000.  Your current employee will work very hard to mentor the new employee, not as much for the money, but for the pride in referring someone to the company.  Your current employee will take the new one under his or her wing, mentor them, and make sure they succeed.  This will get you good people and is a heck-of-a-lot cheaper than doing the random hiring thing.

And this is the secret plan that really does work.  Good luck.