September 18, 2018

Walt Disney Moved Into Our House

By Paul Bieber


He really did.

And the little men from Mars brought him?

No, really, we have a new dog, whose registered name is Walter E. Disney. He’s a Wheaton Terrier who lived in South Carolina and about two months ago, his owner, a close friend of our family, couldn’t keep him as they were moving. Through a series of events, Walt now sleeps on our bed.

It took me about four minutes to fall in love and Elaine followed a couple of minutes later. He is just a wonderful dog and we couldn’t be happier.

What does this have to do with a blog for the glass industry? Well, you get new adoptees all the time. A new employee comes to work, and in the current business environment, you are happy to hire anyone you can. How long before you see the WOW factor with this new employee? Is it one week, two or do you take a full month?

If you haven’t felt the WOW within a month, then the employee doesn’t fit in your company or department. Sign the divorce papers quickly as a bad employee (actually new or old) can poison a company or a part of it. You don’t have to wait a full 90 days, or whatever your introductory period is, hoping to change a weak person to a great employee. I have hired many people over my career, and most have worked out beautifully, but some have been let go at the end of the first week.

Know what you expect of a new employee. Check with the employee and his or her supervisor daily during the first week and have a serious, private conversation where needed. If the new hire isn’t cutting it, and doesn’t seem to care, or worse, tells you that you are wrong and they are perfect, then cut the cord now.

Many companies have a 30- or 90-day evaluation period in their hiring program, after which the employee becomes a member of the family, gaining benefits and such. Don’t ever, under any circumstances, say you are not sure and extend the program for employee X. Either your evaluation period is too short or the employee is a dud. If you can’t make up your mind, and the employee can just squeak over the finish line, then you don’t want this person on your team. (There is an exception, if the employee is suddenly ill for a prolonged period then do extend the introductory program.)

Elaine and I love that Walt is now a full member of our family. I hope you find great members for your family.