September 25, 2018

Yes, You Do Matter In the USA

By Paul Bieber

I have heard so many people say that their vote doesn’t matter. I have also seen many candidates running for office who have earned their new job with a two-vote margin. This doesn’t apply in a race for president, but that is not on the ballot this year.
I live in New Hampshire, and in an election a couple of years back, our U.S. senator won her race by just 1,017 votes. Not very many.
Today is National Voter Registration Day, which is a day designed to get more people registered to vote in the U.S. Ask everyone you meet, “Are you registered to vote?” Don’t let them say their vote doesn’t count. Everyone in our country has the right, and I feel, the obligation to vote.
If you are a leader in your company, go to each person you work with and ask the question about registering. If they don’t know how, explain how simple it is. Do them the favor of calling their hometown and asking where registration takes place and the hours they are open.
People here illegally won’t register. OK. But so many legal residents are afraid to register for fear of government harassment. This is a hard one to overcome in the current political climate. Urge these folks to register to have a voice in America.
Lastly, for Election Day in November, try not to schedule jobs two hours away. Try to hold back on overtime. Let people have an extra half-hour at lunch. Be sure to vote yourself.
America thanks you.