October 23, 2018

Two Topics to Cover, Two Topics….What Do I Do Now?

By Paul Bieber

They are both important and timely now. If I start with one, then you will feel the second one isn’t as important. Please, reader, go through both topics. These two topics will impact life as you know it in the United States. Would I kid you about something this important?

The first one is to make sure you vote in two weeks. I don’t want to sound like a TV commercial for either party, but you have to vote. Our country is undergoing changes that some like and some don’t. If you want to comment on these changes, your ballot box is the way.

If you are the employer of folks, please, please, give your team an opportunity to vote. Encourage them to vote. Make this your contribution to help America. Give an extended lunch period. Don’t schedule any overtime or out-of-town work without plenty of notice so folks can get an absentee ballot.  Don’t promote one candidate in your company bulletin boards.  You’ll please some folks and upset an equal number as well.

I could go on for twenty minutes on this topic, but then I would sound like a politician.  So enough. Get out the vote.

Topic Two.

Tonight, Tuesday night, is the start of the World Series.  This is very different than the topic above.  You can pick a winner and loser.  You can support the Red Sox.  You can put Boston banners on your bulletin boards.  I am predicting, guaranteeing and promising a Red Sox victory.  And you know I am never wrong.  So, I do forgive those of you on the left coast who support those transplant Brooklyn Bums.  Your coworkers will look at you in amazement when you pick the Red Sox for when all is said and done, they will be the World Series champs, and you were there from the beginning.  Trust me on this one.  And you know I am never wrong.