April 16, 2019

We Are All in the Architecture Business

By Paul Bieber

Huh? Yes, we are. We affect how buildings and businesses look. Help them save energy dollars. Protect them from unwanted intrusion and save lives during extreme weather. And, where this blog is coming from, we help protect people from fire. The horrific fire at the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris puts these thoughts in my mind.

In the year 1300 the original architects didn’t have any of these worries, or if they did there were no current means to solve these problems. Over the centuries building technologies have improved, but none so great as the last 50 years.

When you first meet with a building or homeowner let them know how glass can improve so many parts of their project. They most certainly have a budget in mind before you walk in, but you have the opportunity to show them how great glazing can save money in the long run; how it can improve safety and security protecting their families and customers.

Speak with your distributors and get all the literature you can so you may show your prospective customers and architects. If your distributor or fabricator doesn’t give you this literature, shop for a new vendor.  You can also download quite a bit from the floaters’ websites. Read USGlass cover to cover.  When you see something that perks your interest, call the company and learn how to sell their products. Practice selling to another person at your company so both of you learn more. This will help you make a couple of extra bucks. More importantly, you are improving your customer’s job and potentially protecting people. It doesn’t get better than that.

Do you call on architects? You should. Let them know you are here for all types of glass work, leaving them literature on the issues listed above. You will help them to place these items in the initial budget and you’ll stand a better chance of being listed as their primary source.

I can’t wait to see the improvements in our industry for the next fifty years!