April 22, 2019

Whoya Gunna Hire?

By Paul Bieber

Yes, it is a silly way to make a headline. But consider this, when you write a help-wanted ad, whether for an online site or a newspaper, you have to write it clear enough that your targeted audience, potential applicants, understand and react quickly to your ad. After all, when you place an ad you need someone ASAP. Here are some thoughts to help that ASAP work.

  • Look back at your previous applicants who submitted resumes to you. Maybe the people you rejected weren’t right for the job you had in mind then. Maybe they are now right for this job. It only takes a phone call to find out. If they are not available to join you, ask if they have any friends in the trade who might be on the lookout for new work.
  • Next, write out the perfect candidate’s work history. Add to this his or her aptitudes needed and educational background needed. Then start writing your ad. Don’t say, “Glazier Wanted” or “Office Secretary Needed” as your headline. Be specific to catch the eye of the special person you need. Instead of getting 20 resumes you might only get ten, but they will be better applicants for your job.
  • Decide if you are going to advertise electronically, in the local papers or both. The ads will be very different for each medium. Graphics in the electronic boards are important as well as a good headline that quickly describes your job. Don’t say, “Come in for an application.” Treat hiring a person more importantly than meeting a good potential client. If you delegate the hiring to another person in your office, make sure they understand these rules as well.
  • How do you prepare a quote for a large job? You do your homework and put time into it. Hiring is the same. Know who you want to hire specifically. Do not hire the best person that you interview if they don’t fit what you need.
  • Call the good applicants the same day you get an application that catches your attention. It is a tough employer’s market, and good folks get snapped up quickly. Don’t wait for one night next week to make all your calls. Set appointments as quickly as the applicant is available. Never make the interview as long as a week away. The good ones will already have a firm offer by then.
  • During the interview the applicant is trying to sell you on themselves. Justly so. Now you have to do the same. People have choices of jobs in today’s market. Make your company shine in their eyes. Go into detail on your benefits package. This is usually more important than wages in today’s hiring market. Make sure you have a benefits package you can be proud of. Weak insurance will not get you a good candidate.

We’ll talk more about grabbing a great candidate on my next blog. Good luck.