July 15, 2019

This Blog Is Supposed To Be About Expenses at Your Glass Company

By Paul Bieber

And I will write that blog next week. But I have to reveal that my secret is out for the world to see and I can’t deny it to my glass industry clients, friends and readers. I have an alter ego. In addition to being a blog writer and consultant, I have a magic pill that I take, daily, that transforms me into SHANE BIEBER, and I won the Baseball All-Star game’s Most Valuable Player award last week.

It is quite a pill. No after effects and 12 hours later, I am back to being Paul Bieber at my home in New Hampshire. My wife is glad I don’t take the pill during the winter, but spring training and the regular season are tough on her.

You are doubting me, I can feel it. You know my email, paulbaseball@msn.com. My office has over 500 baseball artifacts in it. I have gone to thousands of baseball games, from coaching Little League for 12 years, to following my teams: the Mets, the Red Sox and the Indians.

After all, I was born in Cleveland and stayed there until I was 18. The Indians were the only thing in my world, other than family and friends. I couldn’t resist when the baseball angel came to my house and told me she had an Indians pill for me. I asked about my Mets and she said that it was ordained by someone above her rank that I be a Cleveland Indian.

Now, with all the publicity about being named the MVP, I am afraid that someone will out me, so here I am. Now, I am not telling everybody, but you, my loyal readers deserve the truth.

Family, the glass industry and baseball. Oh what a wonderful life.