September 9, 2019

What’s On Your Mind?

By Paul Bieber

Almost all of the readers of this blog are business owners or managers of companies in our glass industry. We all think of ourselves as successful but, every once in a while, we come up with questions that need answering. Here’s your chance to get the answers.

Reply to this blog or send a private email to me at:, and ask away. The more background you can give on a specific situation will help me to give a specific answer. If I can’t give you a quick and easy answer I’ll ask some other folks to help, such as a lawyer or CPA. I will answer you in this weekly column but will not show your name or the company name.

Another rule, please don’t ask how to hire better people for this go around. That has been covered a lot already.

So, take a minute or two and send your questions. I look forward to reading and answering them.