October 22, 2019

A Little Bit About Baseball and Me

By Paul Bieber

Here’s the story. My kids are 37 and 34 years old. I love them. My wife and I have been married for 44 years and I do love her more than anything. Oops, there is one thing. I have been in love with baseball for 66 years, since I played in my first junior-peewee Little League game in the B-Buzz league in Cleveland.

If you look at this, it shows that my longest love is baseball. And I am indeed honored that my wife lets me indulge myself this way and that both of our children love ball as much as we do.

So, what the heck is this blog about rather than telling my syrupy-sweet story?

(Drum roll please) I predict the Nationals will win in six games. It has nothing to do with who pitches better or hits better. It is just that I really like the Nationals, almost as much as I love the Mets. More on that another day.

You see, I had the very deep honor of attending the first game at the National’s new stadium. This was due to the very generous act of Deb Levy, the publisher of USGlass. The very next year our daughter moved to Washington, D.C., and fell in love with her “new” team. Two years later, our son Philip also moved to D.C. and the Nationals became his second love team, after the Mets. Both kids would go to many games over the six years they lived in Washington.

So, I want the Nationals to win. I would support them over any American League team. So, with all of my baseball wisdom and knowledge, I am choosing the Nationals because of the tug of my heartstrings, not by comparing statistics. That is why baseball is such a lovely game.