December 17, 2019

What We Can Learn From the Top Ten

By Paul Bieber

The top ten what? This one has an easy answer. According to Fortune Magazine, they have found these companies to be the top ten organizations to work for as voted by their employees. There is a lot we can learn here, whether you are a company of four people or four hundred.

The top ten are:

  1. Hilton Hotels
  2. Salesforce
  3. Wegmans Food Markets
  4. Workday
  5. Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants
  6. Cisco
  7. Edward Jones
  8. Ultimate Software
  9. Texas Health Resources
  10. The Boston Consulting Group

When employees think their company is a great place to work, they are not going to be job shopping and they will do their job better. When they do their jobs better, their customers will be happier. The company will have higher sales and lower costs because workers will get it right the first time. This results in a better bottom line, which allows the company to spend more on its employees.

I don’t think that executives of the top ten read this blog. But you do. “You” are the owners and employees of companies in our wonderful glass industry. So, is there one simple answer to help you? Yes. Listen to your employees.

Listen to their ideas for improvement. Listen to their requests for the proper tools that will allow them to work safely and more efficiently. Listen to their requests for benefits. Listen to complaints about foremen and job captains. Accept the fact that there are people on your team who have not grown in the past five years and don’t teach their team new ways to work safely.

You are not doing a billion dollars in sales. But you are the same as the top ten in that you want to serve your customers so they want to come back to you when they need glass again. You are the same in that you want to retain your employees and want to hire the best in the marketplace when you need to fill a job slot. You are the same in that you want to earn profit that allows you to take care of your employees and have a good amount left to distribute to the owners of your company.

So, bottom line. Listen to your employees, act on the good suggestions and you will come out ahead.